What’s your Workout Personality”!

Hello My Pretti’s


“I LOVE EXERCING”! I never would have been able to make this statement 10 years ago, NO WAIT 4 years ago. However, I must say I fell head over heels in love with exercise when I started working out privately (usually at home) over the past years. Many years ago while recovering from surgery I exercised at home. I enjoyed it; however my heart wasn’t in it, I was just for recovery purposes. However now older and wiser, I have found exercising makes me feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

What I realized was after many years of tipping closely to 300 pounds (or more), the excess weight did damage to my body. I have several medical issues,  hip and knee injuries, and lower back problems related to disc damage. The “fat” cushioned or should I say hide a lot of these issues for many years.

Long story short the weight caused permanent damage and the best way to minimize the resulting pain is to be physically active and the keep the weight off. The less active I am, my body stiffens and the aches and pains return, the more weight I carry, the less energy and motivation I have. Daily, I aim to keep the blood pumping and the mental juices flowing, plus I’m SOOOOOO happy when my endorphins high. My Doctor approves of my meal replacement Shakeology, and my BeachBody workouts. She actually told me to keep it up, I looked “great”, her words were very encouraging.  As with any program, my Doctor advises me to I listen to my body and know my limits. Once I met with my Doctor and got approval for my plan everything fell into place and I was able to define my workout personality.

The “Workout Personality”!

One of the most important things to me was defining my “workout personality”. What is a workout personality? Well for me it breaks down into 3 key categories. Oh, please don’t quote me, I totally made up the whole “workout personality” to keep me motivated, but feel free to embrace and share it!.

“Public” or “Private”

Do you prefer an public or private exercise environment. Most public people love the gym. Walking or jogging outside, or partake in other exercise activities that take place surrounded by other people. Private people enjoy DVD or mobile device exercise routines, have personal trainers, or just find a quiet spot and exercise solo. You can be a combo, but it’s rare.

“Sassy” or “Whatever”

Do you prefer to wear fitted cute gear or oversized, miss matched just put on anything gear. The sassy exerciser plans and wants to look “cute”; enjoys fitted gear, usually bright with sayings or prints and super cute, but effective sneakers; they also “LOVE” taking selfies in their workout gear. The whatever exerciser is like let’s just get this done, they toss on baggy sweats, shorts and an old tank or tee-shirt, worn sneakers, whatever. Some people claim both these looks depending on their mood.

“One and Done” or “I got all day”

The one and done exercisers usually just wants to complete one exercise session/ routine or use one specific machine or equipment for the minimum amount of time and be done. The I got all day exerciser will spend all day at the gym or take a jog, then go to a yoga class in the park, they are laid back and don’t really put a specific time limit on  how long they workout. Most people are one or the other or will grow into either.

I think once you define these areas you can truly define your workout routine and schedule. Me? “I’m a private, sassy, one and done type of gal”! Every now and then I will go to the gym and then after about 20mins I remember why I hate it. First of all I’m nosy. I be watching everybody else and get distracted (or procrastinate) from what I’m supposed to be doing (this goes for me & outdoor workouts as well). I’m 1000% better working out in a private setting. All I need is my DVD player, phone or tablet (thanks to apps and BB on demand). I talk to the screen and yell at the BB trainers, dress how I want, wherever I want, home, at the job on my break or the hotel room on vacay.

My workout gear must be fitted, CUTE and/or SASSY and I will tell you why. When I was overweight, I use to wear the sloppy sweats and a men’s tee shirt (to hide my shape) and my old ratty sneakers too work on making myself look better? Well, looking back that makes no sense to me now. I was hiding from myself, because I lacked self love.

I’m very grateful today I can say “I love Mena”. I had to learn to love me flaws and all. I also had to start looking how I wanted to feel. EVERYBODY is different and feels differently about themselves. If you have the confidence to toss on anything and feel good, please embrace and continue to  nurture that mindset.

However in my case the way I was dressing was a reflection of how I felt, sloppy and oversized. Not to mention I couldn’t even see if I was moving my body correctly because my clothing was so oversized. Once I started investing in nicer, sassier workout gear, I got an instant esteem boost. I felt better about myself. I truly learned to embrace my shape. YES I have curves, full hips and thick thighs. I use to be ashamed of them , however now I love them. YES, I do video my workouts (with my cell) but that’s  a whole other blog, smiles. The videos usually make me laugh. Plus I can see where I need to perfect specific moves which is vital to prevent injury. Plus if I’m doing the workout wrong, then they are in vain. Who wants to workout with no benefit, not “I”!

My workouts will always be one & done! I just don’t like exercising for long periods of time, anything more than 45mins is too much an hour is pushing it. Now that’s my tolerance level. Exceptions  are made occasionally, if my workout for the day is part of a progression within my plan. I do have some days that are really hectic. The last thing I want to do is work out for hours after a long day. Nor do I want to work out for hours before a long day.  Most of my workouts are 30-40mins which is perfect. Even when I go to the gym, I do 30mins on the treadmill and 15mins, weight machines and I’m out the door.

I love to share my insane healthy life style journey. Maybe someone will find it inspiring or just make them smile. Either was its a way of putting myself on the line to take care of me, it’s  an extreme but it works! The moral of the story, take time to take care of your selves My Pretti’s, you only have one “YOU”!

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