To Planner, Or Not To Planner Craze! 2

Hello My Pretti’s

In this fast pace world of technology, people have, some how gotten back to paper planners. Yup the new craze is the 365 Happy Planner, which can be found online or at most Michaels Craft Stores. These planners are actually really nice, they are also very detailed and additive.

This isn’t your back in day basic yearly date book planner. These new planners come with incerts for finanices, to do list, goal planning, fitness, wedding planning, and much more (at an additional cost). PLUS you can purchase all types of decorations, to accentuate special days, tasks, events and/ or activities.

They even have kits to get you started.

The great thing is they have wonderful motivational saying on them to keep you focused and in good spirits thru out your planning year. They also come in multiple sizes ranging from a standard 8×11 size to a mid size to a mini.

I grabbed this one for my Bestie. She’s such a fitness nut and she really takes her workouts and eating right seriously. I was more than happy to gift her this lovely planner as a “YOU GO GIRL, YOU ROCK”! gift.

I have a few tips for you should you go with the 365 Happy Planner. These are things I encountered when looking for planners (I opted for another type, I’ll explain why later). GET A KIT, it will give the basics and then you can build from there. If purchase it from say a “Michaels” or “HobbyLobby“, you can most likely use their in-store coupon to get a nice discount. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO PLAN & KEEP TRACK OF, these planners have soooo many bells and whistles and if you’re like me it is easy to get caught up in the decorating and forget about the planning. Stay focused on the reason why you needed a planner, “so you can get organized”!

Why didn’t I get a Happy Planner?

Because if allowed, I’m a HUGE procrastinator, I look for anything to distract me from task I’m confused about or just don’t want to do. I happen to love the Happy Planner, but for all the wrong reasons. I would totally be decorating and planning NOTHING, smiles. It’s just way to over stimulating for me.

I truly tried, I went to Michaels (twice) and lost my mind, I was there for like an hour and a half, just picking up and putting back labels and stickers, I never even looked at the actual planner sections, but the faux leather binder covers are super cute, smiles. NOW that’s not to say once I get my act together I won’t get one, because I truly do love them.

Now for my planning, I went with a more basic (cute) calendar planner, that zips so I can toss it in my bag. I also purchased an insert pack for brainstorming, monthly goals & to do lists. OK, so I grabbed “ONE” pack of embellishments too, HUSH! Separately, I purchased a faith journal and a daily devotional. Apps on my mobile devices cover certain areas as well.

There are four key areas I’m working on organizing in my life:

1. Spiritual

2. Sewing/blogging

3. healthy lifestyles

4. Business

I CHOSE to keep my spiritual completely separate because GOD deserves his our special spot in my life. My exercise and eating are all on apps.

So there you have it, my interpretation of the whole Happy Planner Craze, I think they are super cute and whichever one you grab have fun with it, but keep the real purpose for the planner in the forefront of your mind!

Until we meet again my Pretti’s keep “Embracing the PrettiModesti in YOU”!

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