*Stick In style*Tutorial

Hello My Pretti’s. I have been so inspired by the Stick Pin cushion used by the contestant on Project Runway All Stars this season, Mr. Ken Laurence. I love the over-sized cushion and personalized print. I decided to create one and I loved how it turned out so much I had to share it. So grab you a really feel good, cute fabric and let’s get started, am over joyed to share this tutorial with you ALL.
Supplies List:
Stick Pins
Sewing needle
Sewing Machine
Thread to match fabric
Polyfill (pillow stuffing)
Fabric 1/2 a yard will be more than enough
Interfacing 1/2 a yard (medium weight/ fusible)
Glue Gun or fabric glue (something quick drying)
Velcro 1 inches wide – 3 inches long (a matching color)
Step 2
Hand Stitch around the edge of the fabric/ interfacing circle. Then pull thread to gather together into a cup like shape. Be sure not to tie or pull completely together, leave an opening for stuffing.
Step 3
Stuff the circle cup with polyfill, overflow a little bit, then pull thread together to tighten gathering, enclosing polyfill in the cup or puff of fabric.
Step 4
Pull thread as tight as possible and hand sew the opening together, keep pulling thread as needed as you sew to ensure its really sewn tight. Then shape the 2×2 inch piece of fabric into a oblong shape.
Step 5
Warm glue gun or prepare fabric glue. Apply glue to wrong side of fabric and quickly place over stitched area and press firmly to secure stitched area. You can put it aside to dry if need, while you work on the next step.
 Step 6
Time to prepare the strap. Fold strap in half and turn on wrong right, stitch opposite ends together, leaving top open.  Turn top raw edge down and press,  turn on right side and top stitch around all edges as shown.

YAY, All Done My Pretti’s. Now what? Load it up with pins and BOOM, your all ready to sport your stylish, pin cushion bling, enjoy & “Sew Happy!”




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