Greetings My Pretti’s,

Taking a cue from a fellow BeachBody Coach, I made my PIZZA. I made a few personalizations of course, that’s the idea behind “Personal Pan Pizza” make it your own (but keep it healthy)!

1 yellow container for my pita bread (see tip below)

1/2 green container of veggie’s, a harvest blend (frozen stream in bag) of broccoli, carrots, onions, baby corn (I only used 1 baby corn, it’s a carb) snap peas, mushrooms, red pepper, and water chestnuts. I tossed in on little bit of fresh cilantro for a added flavor boost.

1 blue container shredded mozzarella cheese

1/2 red container turkey pepperoni slices

1 TBSP tomato sauce

I used everything seasoning from Flavor God and some crushed red pepper. I love heat on my pizza, next time I’m going to try it with jalapeños. Top pita with sauce and spread. Layer pepperoni, veggie’s, seasoning and top with cheese. Pop it into the oven at 400′ for 10 minutes. BOOM, lunch is served. This pizza was AMAZING, YESSSSS, I can have pizza and not feel guilty.

TIP: One thing to keep in mind, not all pitas are created equal. Take time to read the label. Look for “pita bread” opposed to “pita pockets”. Look for healthy ingredients and pitas with low carbs and calories. Attention to these little details allowed me to use 1 yellow container opposed to 2!!!!! ????

Enjoy My Pretti’s



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