Midnight Madness

Hello My Pretti’s,

It feels like it’s been forever since we met in the world of sewing, I missed you.

A lot has been going on. I moved back to the big apple “New York” city. I have been working on setting up a new sewing space. However I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to find a corner, pull my sewing machine out and sew myself happy. My goal is to get back to sharing with you ALL, it gives me such joy to share what I love. I’m working on getting my “Blogger Groove” back.

So, I couldn’t sleep Saturday night, so it was either Netflix’s or Sew. You already know what the answer is, sew of course. I also watched Netflix’s, smiles. I was in kind of a bland mood and everything in my closet looked the same, you all ever have day’s like that. Days whenever just looks BORING. I decided to dig into my tons of fabric and find something that flows and vibrant. You all know how much I love my colors, the brighter the better.


The fabric selected is a polyester, knit blend. in a lovely blue, not too light, not too dark. The style of dress just kind of popped into my head. Mainly because I mom was watching the Princess Diaries (Part I &II). I came up with a full skirt dress, pleated at the waist, with my interpretation of Cinderella sleeves.


I went with a faux wrap dress look for the front bodice. No pattern was utilized, I just cut it from the visions floating around in my head.

It turned out pretty good.

I love the flow of the skirt, the pleats give it a nice flutter.

NOW, the sleeves. The sleeves I ADORE, they turned out so sweet and endearing, very girly, just like me, smiles. Until next time My Pretti’s continue to “Embrace the PrettiModesti in YOU”!

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