Mask Off!

Hello My Pretti’s

As promised here is the details on the second dress I made for my dear friend’s 50th birthday celebration (to see the first dress check out “Flip-Up, Style”). When I say we had a WONDERFUL time, I truly mean it. Sharing special moments with friends and family is always great and I’m grateful I was a part of this milestone in her life.


OK, now for the good stuff, the gown! The colors for the event were pre-selected (red & gold) by the birthday Woman (if I say girl, she will pop me, smiles). So I was more than happy to assist with finding a gown that would look stunning on her. As usual the most important factor was and always is the “fabric’. It’s all about the fabric, especially when you are creating a dress for a special event. Two different fabrics can produce two very different garments.


Back to the topic “the gown”. After reviewing many styles and her saying “I trust you, pick what you like”. I decided to go with a lace embellished gown. Sheer lace with sequin embellishment.

I searched far and wide and selected embellished lace from fabric designer Michael Levine.

The detailing on the fabric was breathe taking. The detailing of the design lined up perfectly.

My Friend Truly Looked Stunning! From the expression on her face, she “FELT” stunning as well!

Adorning yourself with a beautiful garment is only part of it. My friend stresses “you have to love yourself!” She has lead a life that has taken her thru some struggles. With God she has found contentment, peace, and blessings. She strives daily to be a blessing to others thru her church and outreach ministry, sharing her 50 years of wisdom. Looking and feeling good from the inside, means a lot to her, she truly embraces the PrettiModesti with her. I’m off My Pretti’s, until we sew again, stay see happy and continue to “Embrace the PrettiModesti in YOU!”

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