The Last Denim Craze Tidbit!

Hello My Pretti’s,

So, I know you’re over the denim craze, because I know I am, smiles. However, after all my denim sews I was left with a pile of scraps. Of course I wasn’t going to just throw them away, “waste not want now”!

I went thru my pattern stash and came across this cute bag pattern from Kwik Style #3612 view B was used for this sew, but………..

Alterations were made, let’s review! I downsized the pattern. It was just a but too big for what I envisioned. The pattern was about 18×18, downsized to 15×15.

For the handles, I took another route. I wanted something more stable and stylish. Purchased wooden handbag handles from JoAnn’s Craft Stores were utilized.

The bag is lined with scraps from the Nettie Bodysuit, from Closet Case Patterns, which I previously blogged about in Still Denim Crazed.

I mixed and matched the pieces of scraps to create a patch work look, plus I had to work with the sizes available in the scrap pile.

The final sew of this bag turned out better than I imaged, the great thing I can wear it with so much!

The handles take this bag to another level, which makes it more fashionable.

The knit light blue lining coordinated perfectly with the various shades of denim.

The size is perfect for afternoon………….

Or evening social gatherings.

Where ever you go, this bag will compliment your outfit lovely. I’m done with all this denim (for now). Be well My Pretti’s and keep “Embracing the PrettiModesti in You”.

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