Still Me! 2

Hello My Pretti’s,

Let me start by saying, it’s not about being super model size, it’s about being super healthy! I have decided to start this New Year off by rededicating myself to my healthy lifestyle. What better way to stay committed and focused to a consistent exercise and healthy eating regimen than to SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD. Yes it’s a very insane concept, however it works for me!

Leading a healthy lifestyle was something I never really thought or cared about in my younger years. When your young you think you will stay a size ___ forever. OH BOY WAS I WRONG. After struggling for many years I must say I have gained a respect and fondness for exercising and eating healthy. I NEVER thought I would enjoy being healthy, YUCK was my motto for years.  I remember firmly protesting exercise and the absurdity of finding time to fit it into my day. Oh and not to mention my favorite old excuse, “its to expensive to eat healthy”.

Today, I know my thoughts regarding eating healthy and being active daily were 100% poppy cock and fairy tales. I remember being told something that changed my perspective on exercise and healthy eating. it was so simple I truly doubted their words and was quick to think “what a nut case”! Now that I got your attention what did they say? These simple facts:  “Eat less junk, eat more healthy foods and move more daily”! I truly was like what a jerk, if it was that simple everybody would be doing it.


They were  1000% right, it is that simple. Being over weight was slowly killing me and I tired (half heartedly) everything, so I thought. I signed up for the gym, but never went, brought hundreds of dollars of equipment and exercise videos and never opened the box, however quickly claimed they didn’t work for me. I can confirm there is no magic pill, because I have tried about all, prescription and over the counter. The bottom line my motto was “no plan is going to work for me”. Yup I was 100% correct, no plan was going to work for me. It took YEARS to fully comprehend this, however what I learned and I had to internalize was “I HAVE TO WORK FOR IT”. I have to put in the effort and make time for exercise, I had to plan to eat right and make wise decisions regarding the foods I put into my body to ensure they were beneficial to my life, health and strength, both mentally and physically. I had to care about and “LOVE ME”!

OK I’m off to sew, see you on the PrettiModesti side My Pretti’s!!!!!!!!!

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