Flip Up, Style!

Hello My Pretti’s,

Wow, wow, wow, this fabric is all that and then some. In other words it’s super fabulous. It’s sequin, but with a twist, “Flip-Up” Sequin.

“Flip-up sequin, comes in two colors. When brushed one way one color is revealed and another color is revealed when brushed the opposite direction.

I was given the honor to make dresses for a wonderful friend celebrating her 50th birthday. I wanted to select fabric that spoke for itself. Something that screamed, “I have been blessed with 50 years and I am still going strong” and flip-up sequin spoke volumes!

Less is more when making a garment with flip-up sequin. So I went with a simple dress. I used the infamous McCalls dress patten 6886.

I made personalized alterations to the neckline and sleeves to give it some glam power.

The Birthday Beauty was pleased…………

She looked AMAZING and……….

She had a ball celebrating “LIFE” with family & friends.

There’s nothing more wonderful than seeing the look on a one’s face when adorned in a PrettiModesti creation, it’s a look of confidence, joy and empowerment!

Enjoy life My Pretti’s and keep “Embracing the PrettiModesti in YOU!”

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