Denim Crazed for Days Pt 2 2

Hello My Pretti’s

Last blog we looked at the first outfit I created with denim; I stated there would be more to come. So as promised I’m sharing another piece in my so called “Denim Collection”.

I went back and forth deciding which sew to share next. I settled on my sew, the “Cleo” dungaree dress, from Tilly and the Buttons.

This has been one of my favorite PDF patterns to cut and assemble thus far. Why you ask? Well let me tell you, smiles!

The PDF pattern was super easy to cut and assemble, all markings and detailing was very clear. But what I loved most was the booklet printing option for pattern’s instructions.

The booklet size made it easier to store, not to mention cute to follow along with while reading.

The Cleo is referred to as a dungaree dress pattern. However I call them overalls or coveralls. This type of garment is normally made of denim, so it fit perfectly with my denim obsession.

Fabric used, denim of course, which I purchased from Joann’s Craft Stores. The sew went very smoothly. I really love the pattern’s suggestion to be creative with pocket placement, which I totally did. Whenever possible I look for opportunities to avoid drawing attention to my backside (aka booty), therefore I put all my pockets on the front, which I think turned out really cool.

The “OVERALL”, no pun intended, hahaha, sew turned out pretty awesome.

Now for adjustments: I added a panel (4 inches wide on each side) piece into both sides for more wiggle room, plus baggy overalls look SOOOOO COOL!

The Cleo is a fun, funky sew with lots of sass.

I left the bottom unfinished to give the Cleo a edgier look.

Hope you enjoyed My Pretti’s. There’s more denim sews to come SO stay tuned, until we meet until remember to “Embrace the PrettiMiodesti in YOU!.

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2 thoughts on “Denim Crazed for Days Pt 2

    • Armena Brown Post author

      Thank you, Thank you, it was really a fun sew, I haven’t worn a overall dress in years. The Cleo really turned out nicely! I can’t want to make another, one, smiles! I’m so pleased you enjoyed my sew and style, please feel free stop by PrettiModesti ANYTIME, have a awesome and creative day!