Cover Your Eyes Tutorial!

Hello My Pretti’s. Sometimes my day is so overwhelming that it’s hard to turn my brain off. I try all kinds of tricks, like drinking sleepy time tea, warm milk, sound wave music, etc. One thing that does help is a sleep mask and my prayer pillowcase (tutorial coming soon, smiles). If you’re like me and would like to block the world out, create a darker environment or just want to make a friend a really quick, cute, cool gift well here is a quick easy tutorial to fulfill your need!


I have took the liberty of creating a basic sleep mask pattern, which includes shape of sleep mask and length and width guide for elastic (length of elastic can be subject to change depending on circumference around head). Please print your free copy of the sleep mask pattern below!

Download (PDF, 261KB)


The first thing you want to do is prepare your fabric for cutting. It might be easier to cut the fabric, lining and batting all at once, by layering all three fibers on top of one another. Or you can cut each layer individually. Pin Sleep Mask pattern to fabric with straight pins.





Once all your pieces are cut you should have 3 layers and your elastic band.  Layer 1 fabric, this is your layer with your printed design fabric the outer layer of the mask, this is the layer to be creative with, ideas, choose something themed, or with inspirational words, funny sayings or sleep related.  Layer 2 batting this is the inside, padding layer of your mask and finally layer 3, the lining, you will want this layer to be something soft such as a soft fleece or flannel, due to the fact it will be the layer against the skin, the over layer of the eyes and eyelid area.


Now is the fun part putting it all together. Grab your sewing machine and let’s goooooooo………….


First start with your batting layer, top that layer with the fabric layer right side facing up,  place the lining layer on top of the fabric layer, wrong side of lining layer should be facing up (I used the wrong side of my fabric as the lining, so the printed side on top you see is actually the wrong side). Place elastic between fabric and lining layers. With straight pins, pin tips of elastic to opposite ends in designated spot (using the dot from Sleep Mask pattern as a guide).




Using the machine stitch around the edges over the elastic, leaving an opening in the middle of the top, for turning the fabric to the right sides.



Turn sleep mask to right side, batting should be inside and the right side of your fabric and lining layers should be showing with the opening you created. Tuck the raw edges of the lining in,  top stitch around edges of mask, closing tucked in opening.


Press with iron, and you’re all done.
Give as a gift or grab your Pajama’s and enjoy your sleep mask, trust me you will feel “Sew Happy”!

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