Color Block T-Dress Tutorial 7

img-1897-1_origHello My Pretti’s! I love a nice simple dress you can toss on to run errands. The perfect dress for this kind of task is a T-shirt dress. What’s a t-shirt dress you ask? A simple round neck (or V-neck) dress, usually cotton knit, t-shirt quality fabric or better yet “T-Shirts”. My husband recently brought some t-shirts that he didn’t like. NOW every true sewer knows EVERYTHING is fabric and we throw nothing considered fabric away, nope, we hoard it! When he said “I’m going to throw them away”, I had to intervene and simply stated “they don’t look like much, BUT I’ll take them off your hands” with a huge grin!


For this tutorial I will be sharing the technique for converting two old (or new) t-shirts into a dress. This is a habit I perfected many years ago, shortly after I started working with an awesome organization (my previous employer of 17 years). I use to attend the yearly 3k walk – 5k run fund raiser event in Central Park, NY. The event was always fun, packed, and HOT. Of course we always got an organization t-shirt. You know, the standard t-shirts with the company logo and sponsors. The kind of t-shirt you throw on with jeans or shorts. However, since I don’t wear pants, I was often challenged with the question what to wear. My solution, I started making my t-shirt into a dress. Along with the given t-shirt I purchased an additional one since am a curvy girl and I need extra fabric for wiggle room.  After the second year of attending this event and my second t-shirt dress, it became a tradition and event attendees looked forward to my creations yearly. My Supervisor’s were even excited to see what I would make, providing me with an additional t-shirt when needed. Below are a few I made over the years. There are many styles with varying techniques, please feel free to comment below if you want more details on how I created one in particular. In this tutorial we will do a basic version, so you can make your own.

Next you want to ensure the t-shirt you are using will fit around your hips, which can be done by visually lapping is over the area and observing or you can slip in on, whichever works best for you. 


Step two: Flip the bottom hem up to meet the top cut off section. Cut the folded piece in half at flipped up section put it to the side, then repeat these steps with the other t-shirt. 


Step three: Select which pieces you will be using for your dress, then discard the top t-shirt sections you won’t be using (don’t throw it away). You will have five pieces for the dress.  Layer your sections alternating the colors in the order you desire, keeping a mental note of which will be the bottom piece of the dress. The two bottom pieces will have a hem in it, take the bottom piece that will NOT be the bottom piece for your dress and remove the hem using a seam ripper, then press. PLEASE ensure you DO NOT REMOVE THE SEAM from the piece that you will be using for the end of your dress.




Step four: With right sides together pin, alternating colors, finishing with your bottom piece with hem intact as your final piece.


Step Five: Sew pinned sections together using your machine, then press all seams upward towards top of t-shirt neckline. Top stitch newly adjoined seam sections.


img-1894_origBOOM all done, now try your dress (take in ad sides if preferred for a closer fit), accessorize! PLEASE take pics and share in comments below, I would love to see all My Pretti’s lovely “T-dresses”. enjoy, and be “Sew Happy”! 

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7 thoughts on “Color Block T-Dress Tutorial

    • Armena

      Thank you so much!! YESSS, I have three machines, but am so hooked on this one, smiles. I need to break in the computerized one.

  • NancyD

    These are all super cute! I have a drawer full of tees I’ve been hoarding; now I know what to do with them! Just found your blog and I’m enjoying it very much.

    • Armena Brown Post author

      Hello, I’m so glad you like the fit. I pretty much followed the pattern, however I did try it as I went ago, adjusting the fit where needed. and I also the gray fabric was 4-way stretch which I think made a huge difference, as it allowed more give in all directions.