PrettiModesti Defined!

“An individual with an attractive and graceful, inner spirit & mind as well as outward beauty. One who displays an unspoken strength, free from vanity and egotism. Humble in the display of one’s success and merit. Giving and lending of one’s knowledge and skills to empower and enhance those around them. This Individual displays their PrettiModesti through the company they keep, the path they walk, and the conversations they entertain. Simply put PrettiModesti a lifestyle!”

About PrettiModesti!

aka Mena


Greeting’s My Pretti’s, I would like to introduce myself, I’m Mena. I’m a woman with a passion for sewing and creating. I think, dream, breathe and love SEWING, its my passion.  I was born in New York City, taught at the foot of my grandmother’s sewing machine. My grandmother was a professional seamstress for over 40 years. My grandmother created custom made women’s clothing in New York City. She provided tailoring services to local cleaners and her church as well as creating all her own garments. In my grandmother’s footsteps, I found and natured my passion for sewing. I have been sewing and creating for over 20 years.


I started out making clothing for myself  and friends in high school. As life progressed, I was blessed with my beautiful daughter, she became my little model. I made all her clothes. My favorite sews for her were leather and suede garments. Many of her friend’s moms became my best customers. For many years after I specialized in making children’s leather and suede garments.

Life took over and I had to place my passion on hold.  Many years later life afforded me the opportunity to get back to what I love. Getting back to sewing was right on time, my wardrobe was suffering big time. Faced with personal struggles finding skirts and dresses for woman with curves I decided to take control and make my own skirts and dresses.  Family and friends took notice and before you know it, they sort my sewing services, hence “PrettiModesti” was born. PrettiModesti creates skirts & dresses that are trendy &tasteful, with a hint of sexy. My motto “Embrace the PrettiModesti in You”.