60 Days!

 Hello My Pretti’s.

I hope you all are well and taking care of YOU! Part of embracing the beauty within us is taking care of the mental as well as the physical. About a week ago I completed a 60 day workout challenge. What’s a 60 day workout challenge? It’s just how it sounds basically you work out or at least engage in some sort of physical activity for 60 days.

I have to say I enjoyed the 60 day session and I learned a lot about myself physically and mentally along the way. I would love to share with YOU the top 3 lessons I learned which has empowered me! You know I love sharing with my Pretti’s. I mean after all, how does the old saying go “Caring is Sharing”!

The first and most important thing I learned was; I CAN DO IT. Trust me there was doubt and when my group leader extended our 30 day session for an additional 30 days I mumbled some choice words, smiles! YES, I doubted whether I had another 30 days in me. I was pumped and all “YES” let’s do this but inside I was like “she crazy”. BUT, I put on my big girl panties and stuck to it. And I completed the 60 days. I found that I had a level of dedication, press, determination and strength I was unaware existed. ALSO, there is power in numbers, because the support of working out with a GROUP was a HUGE help to me.

The second thing I learned is a funny saying that I hear fitness trainer Shaun T say constantly. I’m not sure if I like the saying or if it is just one of those things that stick in your head. However, I have found this saying to be true “It’s in your body”! In other words what you put in you will remain there. When he uses this saying, on most occasions he is referring to learning and perfecting exercise and or dance moves.

I use to always fear learning new exercises (and dance moves, I have two left feet). In my mind everything was too hard, but the truth is you just have to be repetitive and after a while you will be completing moves unconsciously. It is like the moves become a natural part of your body movements. And I have learned when all else fails MODIFY. Trainers have put modified moves in place for a reason and “THIS GIRL” uses them. Especially if you’re dealing with health issues a modified workout is a great option to now workout. No to mention some of (most of) the moves are SOOOOOOOO FUN!

Last but not least, the third thing I want to share is that the 60 days embedded a routine, craving, in me. My daily work outs have become habit, a welcomed ritual. I WANT to exercise daily, I crave it. It’s like a little switch clicks on about 30-45 minutes before time to work out. And Mentally I start grabbing my work out gear, sipping on my pre workout drink, and signing into my Beach Body On demand.

NOW the key to this is consistency. I work out the same time daily. You have to find the best time to work out for YOU, not your girlfriend you! Also have the things you need to work out close and ready. I have my work out gear, drink, blender bottle and mobile device (charged) all in the same area ready to go.

 PREPREP is essential, this is true in all areas in life. I had to dedicate or should I say set aside a specific time to exercise and once I did that, the rest fell into place. Once I established a plan I could live with, I found myself making no excuses (or less), I just started banging out my workouts! So I say all this to say, GET MOVING! It doesn’t have to be a lot, it’s what you have in you, start with a 10 min walk and add 5 minutes when ready. Before you know it you will be walking a 60 minutes!

I totally don’t have time to visit the gym regularly so I take my work out with me, that way I never miss it. Feel free to ask me how you can do it too! Until we meet again take care and remember to “embrace the PrettiModesti in YOU!


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